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SheCooks is a locally owned company based in Edmonton, Alberta. Our mission is to make healthy options more accessible, affordable and desirable for everyone. While reaching for this goal we do not jeopardize the quality or freshness of your food. Our flavors are big, and you will often find yourself tasting new ingredients for the first time. Our style off cooking includes local, seasonal ingredients, with ethnic flavors tied into the mix. SheCooks focuses on operating on a smaller scale compared to most other meal prep and catering services. We feel this ensures the quality of food is at its finest, and that every single dish is carefully and thoughtfully prepared. Unlike other larger corporations, your meal has not been touched by more than 1-2 sets of hands. SheCooks uses compostable packaging wherever possible. Chef Holly not only thoughtfully creates the menu, but also hand picks the ingredients, prepares the food, and ensures the final dish is perfect. She takes pride in creating a dish where every bite makes you smile. 

Meet The Chef

SheCooks is owned and operated by Chef Holly Holt. Chef Holly has worked in hospitality for over 15 years and graduated NAIT's culinary arts program in 2014. Her passion for food and flavors has been accelerated throughout her travels to Latin America, Asia and Australia. Her Plant-forward offerings are healthy, diverse, and full of flavor. Her mission is to make healthy options more accessible, affordable and desirable for everyone. Chef Holly not only takes pride in her cooking, but also her friendly hospitality and professionalism. 

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SheCooks Plant Forward Lunch Bowls

SheCooks Take & Bake

SheCooks Catering & Personal Chef Services

Whole food, fresh and flavorful prepared meals. Focused on plants as the main ingredient, with a little wiggle room. Healthy eating has never been so delicious!

Frozen, oven ready, individual and family sized meals. Made from scratch soups, sauces, pies and more!

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