What Is “Sous Vide” Cooking?

Nothing is more annoying than picking out the perfect piece of meat and then overcooking it. You end up with a dry and stringy clump of meat that tastes terrible. It is easy to overcook your meat and when you do, you are losing out on the potential of the meat. If you want your meat to be perfectly tender and tasty with the most flavor you have ever experienced; you want to try sous vide cooking. Read on to learn more what is “sous vide” is all about.

Sous vide a French method that involves cooking your food in a water bath. You use a plastic bag to cook the food and cook it for hours. Most food is cooked anywhere from 8 to 36 hours, and it is easy to do. You just need temperature controlled water and plastic bags to get started. The combination of the precise temperature control and long cooking times allows the flavors to what is develop and keeps the juices in the meat. The meat is also cooked at a low temperature which prevents it from becoming dry and stringy.

You can cook just about anything with the sous vide method, but it is most commonly used for cooking meat and eggs. You can get some amazing results with eggs and by controlling the temperature, you can cook them to just barely cooked or even make them thick and spreadable. The possibilities are endless with sous vide cooking as there is just no way to get the food to dry out.

When you use the sous vide method you get meat that is evenly cooked, and you also get to control easily the temperature which prevents the food from drying out or becoming overdone. The food gets better the longer you cook it, so you don’t have to worry about the food becoming overdone or getting dried out.

Sous vide also very safe. The food won’t become contaminated with bacteria and the length of time that you hold your food at the desired temperature pasteurizes it. You don’t have to spend a lot of time watching your food either. You can just leave it and go about your day.

Since the meat doesn’t brown with this method, you will want to either sear it before you cook it or sear it after. If you want tender and flavorful meat, start using the sous vide method. Click here for reviews on Sous Vide cooking equipment and accessories.