Staying Young With Exercise

Have you been using all kinds of creams, lotions, and supplements to make yourself look younger? If so, then it could be time to say goodbye to these products and focus on sweating off your years. Yes, exercise has been proven effective in making you look younger than your age. You probably already know the many benefits of exercising regularly, but knowing that it slows down the aging process can be the most compelling reason for you to finally start a workout program. Keep reading to learn the role of exercise in staying young.

middle aged man exercising with weights

1) Exercise lifts up your spirits

A good sense of well being can do wonders if your goal is to avoid aging fast. Exercise allows you to simulate a sense of arousal. With more vitality to conquer your challenges, everyday activities can be less strenuous. This means you can avoid things like too much stress, which has been shown to wreak havoc on your body.

2) Exercise improves skin appearance

If the topical treatment you’ve been using has failed to get rid of those fine lines, then you may want to make the switch to exercise. Several studies show that people who regularly exercise have younger looking skin compared to those who do not sweat as often. There’s a theory that exercise releases substances that slow down aging in the skin, thought further research needs to be conducted to learn precisely how exercise influences skin appearance.

3) Exercise corrects posture

As you age, you might find that it’s more difficult to maintain proper posture. This is primarily caused by bone density changes and muscle loss. By exercising regularly, you can gradually build up your muscle and bone health once again. Strengthening the core, in particular, can help you stand taller and maintain your posture for an extended period.

4) Exercise enhances flexibility

Find yourself struggling to pick something up off the floor? This is a common sign of aging for most people, as inadequate flexibility in the limbs makes some simple movements seem next to impossible to perform. You don’t want your muscles and joints to get too stiff. Engage in exercise that improve flexibility such as yoga and Pilates.

5) Exercise makes you sleep better

Getting sufficient shuteye every night plays a huge role in making you look and feel younger. If sleep doesn’t come easy, try working out regularly. Research suggests that people who exercise regularly are able to fall asleep more easily. In addition, they have a greater chance of experiencing deep REM sleep. As you know, sleeping well allows the different body functions to operate optimally.

6) Read about anti aging.

There are some excellent blogs and Facebook Pages available including this one from The Anti Aging Ninjas

Getting Started

By now, you should feel convinced to start working out. But exactly how can you get started?  The key is in taking a gradual approach especially if you haven’t been physically active for the past few years. A good starting point is to meet the recommended physical activity guidelines including working out for 150 minutes each week. That sounds like much but focus on exercising for about half an hour each day to hit this target.

You also don’t want to engage in extreme exercises. This includes any workout that requires you to expend 70 percent of your body’s maximum effort for 30 minutes or longer. Studies show that low-moderate intensity exercises reduce inflammation, but high-intensity exercises produce the opposite effect.

Internal training is another technique you can try. It involves short periods of going all-out on your training followed by a rest period. This proves perfect especially if you don’t have a lot of time to spend at the gym.